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California Indian Conference 2020 Digital Exhibition

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The California Indian Conference Teaching and Learning Exhibit

California American Indian Culture and Art as Pedagogy


Hear from the exhibition committee, educational curriculum contributors, and find blogposts and resources.

Resources and Curricula

This virtual learning exhibit is intended to provide community members, organizers, and educators with resources and support for creating meaningful learning opportunities that directly engage with California American Indian teaching and learning traditions.


Welcome to the “California American Indian Culture and Art as Pedagogy: A Teaching and Learning Exhibit“. This virtual exhibition is presented by hosts of the upcoming California Indian Conference titled, “Planting the Seeds: Education, Sovereignty, Wellness and Future Building”. Represented here are California American Indian cultural practitioners and artists from the diverse social and ecological landscapes that make up California’s American Indian peoples, communities, tribes and homelands.

California’s land and water systems are the homelands to over 109 federally recognized tribes and many others that  hold cultural-intellectual knowledge and California’s history, despite large scale efforts to deracinate California of its indigenous peoples. The Central Valley homelands are stewarded by over twenty American Indian tribes. Their systems of knowledge offer many opportunities for rich engagement, storytelling, story making, and knowledge exchange on practices that sustain life systems, educate peoples, bring wellness to generations, heal, and sustain tribal sovereignty, self-determination, lands, and waters. The knowledge held within California tribal traditions and cultural practices are important for the future of California American Indian peoples, residents throughout the state, and the nation. The California Indian Conference organizers seek to create an intergenerational gathering of community leaders, cultural practitioners, scholars, students, artists, media makers, youth leaders, and elders whose contributions enable us all to strategize for better futures. We begin here with the stories, teachings, and gifts of these culture bearers.

We hope you visit often and enjoy the work, images, stories, interviews, and other content over the coming months. This site is intended to support the work of individual cultural practitioners and artists and provide educational resources for all forms of teacher and teaching. The exhibition is envisioned as an evolving space that encourages conversations around sovereignty, wellness, intergenerational learning, healing, future-building, and the cultural-intellectual practices of California American Indians.

California American Indian cultural-intellectual systems of knowledge are rooted in epistemologies that represent tens of thousands of years of stewardship and relationships between peoples and all relatives. These systems of knowledge invigorate balance and harmony among all relatives, the seen and unseen.

The California American Indian Culture and Art as Pedagogy: A Teaching and Learning Exhibit” creates space for sharing knowledge, building skills, exploring traditional practices, and their remedies for the challenges faced by California tribes, communities, and families.

Interview with Carly Tex, Western Mono

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